RENO'S CRAZY 80's Finally, Reno has an all 80's station. Stream Now Blue Monday Slide Tune in Mondays!
or catch the broadcast on the web at:
A new Weekly Show! 9PM-11PM
93.7 FM
Reno's Crazy 80's
Inspired by New Wave music
and Reno hangouts in the 1980's
like Duex Gros Nez, The Quake,
and Blue Mondays at The Premier Club
when we danced to strange music
with weird people... just like us!

SPOOKAROO at the Zoo!

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October 30th and 31st Only @ 7 PM

AGES 13 and UP

Take a flashlight tour of the grounds to see the beasties in the night.  Beware, there may be more than one type of creature in the night, some may even give you a FRIGHT!

All proceeds benefit The Sierra Nevada Zoological Park

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